Kafue Kushiyana

Many parts of Africa claim to offer a ‘real Africa’ experience and the opportunity to visit an untamed wilderness, but few can compare with Kafue National Park.

At over 22,000 km2, Kafue National Park is one of Africa’s largest parks. It is an adventure filled, yet relaxing retreat, where you get the feeling you have the entire park all to yourself.

The Kafue River is the lifeblood, but away from its banks there is a wide variety of woodlands as well as open grasslands. These host a diverse array of wildlife species including over 150 different mammals along with an amazing 470 species of bird. So visiting the various habitats of the park is strongly recommended.

For twenty years, Kafue National Park was somewhat starved of investment and funding, but pleasingly that has now changed with considerable efforts being made to restore the park to its former glory. Ironically that same period may have helped preserve the park’s unique rawness.



Not only have the animals returned (and continue to do so) but now the standards of the Kushiyana lodges provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy this pristine wilderness.

The Kushiyana Safaris (kushiyana means ‘variety’ in the locally spoken nyanja language) is the perfect way to enjoy all that’s good about Kafue. Take a look at the various lodges featured here and prepare yourself for the perfect safari experience.