Lower Zambezi Canoeing Experience

Choose from a variety of trips that offer one of the finest ways to view game



    Our shortest safari – similar to the Island Trail, stopping short of Mana Pools National Park


    Three night/four day, island-hopping canoe safari through the middle Mana Pools flood plain region of the Lower Zambezi River.


    A four night/five day, adventurous canoe safari through the flood plains of the middle Zambezi River encompassing game drives, both day and night, a walk and a visit to a traditional fishing village.


    A five night/six day safari geared towards the canoeing enthusiast looking for that element of added excitement. This section of the Zambezi River passes through the flood plains of the middle Zambezi and the confines of the remote Mupata Gorge, before ending at the confluence of the Luangwa River. On this section of the river one can explore the numerous subsidiary channels, which are prolific in bird and animal life.


    Our long haul safari eight nights/nine days; we canoe the length of the lower Zambezi River in Zambia – from just below the Kariba Gorge to Feira on the Mozambique border. This is the longest canoe safari we run – encompassing the entire length of the lower Zambezi River. Passing the fabled Mana Pools National Park on your right and then the Lower Zambezi National Park on the right! – the safari starts downstream from the Kariba Dam Wall, below the Kariba Gorge and on through the flood plains and channels of the lower Zambezi River.



 The style of our  Canoeing Trips

Our canoeing safaris are participatory with all supplies and provisions being carried in 5.4 metre two man fibreglass Canadian canoes, which have a carrying capacity of 320kgs.

Canoeing safaris that extend over 4 days are re-supplied by vehicle and uplifted at the end of the safari by 4×4 Land Cruisers.

Canoeing safaris are kept to a manageable size of 5 canoes per safari maintaining an orderly group of canoeist on the water. Larger groups may be accommodated for on request by splitting the groups up during the day and coming together for meals and evening camps.

The Canoeing Routine

As the Valley can get extremely hot in the summer months (March is relatively cool in comparison), we start canoeing reasonably early to make the most of the cool part of the day, before stopping for breakfast.

A typical day will consist of the following routine:

  • Rise -Up at 6.30am for      tea/coffee and biscuits before setting off on the river.
  • Breakfast  – Between 8.30      and 9 am for approx 1 hour stop.
  • Lunch- Between 12pm and 2.30 (out      of the mid day heat under the shade of a river bank tree.
  • Camp-  We generally reach our island      campsite by 5.30 where upon camp is set and snacks and dinner are served.

Canoeing Equipment and provisions

All our safaris are participatory and self-contained from the start to the finish of Safari. We have a carefully selected inventory of equipment to ensure that a reasonable Level of comfort is maintained throughout the safari.


Canoes             5.4 meter Canadian Canoes / x 5 flotation chambers

Capacity           Two man  – carrying capacity 320kg’s p/canoe

Cushion            1-inch foam seat cushions

Paddles            Single bladed aluminum /fiberglass

Life Jackets      Medium floatation

Sleeping Bags   Standard with individual inner linings for each individual

Pillows             Standard aircraft pillows

Tents                Large two man dome tents with mosquito gauze protection

Mattresses        ¾ inch compressed foam-folding mattresses

Chairs/Tables  folding canvas chairs and camp tables

Cookers           portable gas stove and bottles

Cutlery             Steel knives, forks, spoons with melamine mugs, bowls and plates


Meals and drinks:

  • Wake Up- Tea/Coffee and biscuits      before morning start
  • Lunches –  Light cold meats, Chicken, salads, cheese, bread rolls
  • Dinners – Full beef or chicken  dish with 3 veg and carbohydrate
  • Alcohol – We provide complimentary  wine, which is served with your dinners
  • Other  – Cordials and purified water


Should you require any additional or alternative drinks these may be purchased prior to the safaris departure in Kariba. We provide cooler boxes and ice to facilitate this. Although on these longer trips, we may towards the end, run out of ice at times particularly in the hotter months.